Significant Dates in the History of the Principality

1297 : Francois Grimaldi and his Guelph partisans seize the fortress of Monaco

1346 :
Charles Grimaldi acquires Lordship over Menton

1355 : Charles Grimaldi acquires Lordship over Roquebrune

1489 : King of France, Charles VIII recognizes the independence of Monaco

1512 : Monaco’s independence is confirmed by king Louis XII

1515 : King Francois I recognizes the independence of Monaco

1524 :
Augustin I places Monaco under the protectorate of Spain

: Honore II takes the title of Prince of Monaco

1641 : End of Spanish protectorate. Honore II signs the Treaty of Peronne with Louis XII, which assures the Principality of “France’s protective friendship”. In compensation for the loss of the advantages consented to by the Spanish, the Prince of Monaco receives fiefs in France. During his reign, Prince Honore II engages in the restoration and decoration of the palace.

1662 :
Prince Honore II dies ; his grandson Prince Louis I succeeds to the throne

1698 : Louis XIV assigns Louis I the Ambassadorship to the Holy See

1701 : Louis I dies ; is succeeded by his son Antoine I, married to Marie de Lorraine who is related to the throne of France. During his reign, the Principality is endowed with new fortifications.

1731 : Antoine I dies leaving no male heir to the throne. His daughter, Louise-Hippolyte succeeds him, but dies barely a few months later. Her husband, Jacques de Goyon, Sire of Matignon, becomes Prince of Monaco

1733 : Jacques I abdicates from the throne leaving it to his son, Prince Honore III who is 13 years of age

1793 : The Principality is absorbed into French territory under the name of Fort Hercules and becomes the major Canton of the Alpes-Maritime, then turns to being a simple commune.

1795 : Prince Honore III dies in Paris

1814 : The Grimaldi’s of Monaco re-established their Sovereign powers and rights (renewed enforcement of the Treaty of Peronne)

1815 : The Treaty of Paris (20 November 1815) places the Principality under the protectorate of the king of Sardegnia.

1817 : The Treaty of Stupiniggi (8 November 1817) places Monaco under the protection of Sardegnia

1841 :
Honore V dies; his bother Florestan I becomes Prince of Monaco

1848 : Revolution in Menton and Roquebrune, proclaim themselves free cities

1856 :
Florestan I dies; his son Charles III succeeds him

1860 :
With the Treaty of Turin, King Victor-Emmanuel II of Italy cedes the Savoie and the county of Nice to Napoleon III

1861 : Charles III cedes his rights over Menton and Roquebrune to France by signing a treaty guaranteeing the independence of Monaco

1863 :
Foundation of the Societe des Bains de Mer operating the Casino and several hotels in the ‘Spelugues’ sector of Monaco

1866 :
The sector known as the ‘Spelugues’ changes its identity to Monte-Carlo

1889 :
Prince Charles III dies; accession to the throne of his son Prince Albert I whose discoveries in oceanography and paleontology earn him high recognition in the scientific field worldwide.

1911 : Prince Albert I promulgates the first Constitution

: Prince Albert I dies, he is succeeded by his son Prince Louis II, French army General

1949 :
Prince Louis II dies ; succeeded by his grandson HSH Prince Rainier III (born in 1923)

: Signature of the Franco-Monegasque Convention of good neighbor policy and reciprocal administrative support

1956 : Prince Rainier III marries Miss Grace-Patricia Kelly

1957 :
Birth of HSH Princess Caroline

: Birth of HSH Hereditary Prince Albert

1962 :
Promulgation of the new Constitution

1963 :
(May 18) New conventions are signed in Paris. The founding texts which constitute the agreements between France and the Principality are the treaties of February 2, 1861; July 17, 1918; the conventions of April 14, 1945 and the agreements of May 18, 1963

1965 : Birth of HSH Princess Stephanie

1966 :
Monte-Carlo’s Centennial. The State becomes the major shareholder of the Societe des Bains de Mer. A significant incident impacting the activity of its enterprises and employment

1974 :
25th anniversary of the reign of HSH Prince Rainier III

: HSH Hereditary Prince Albert places the cornerstone of the Fontvieille construction

: Princess Grace dies

1989 :
40th anniversary of HSH Prince Rainier III’s reign

1993 : Monaco becomes member of the United Nations (May 28)

Information supplied by the Monaco Centre de Presse


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